How STUDIO LXR successfully launched an Opensea NFT collection


STUDIO LXR is a Los Angeles-based boutique creative agency specializing in visual storytelling, branding, digital content creation, web design, and experiential art activations. The agency is founded by Aniko Lichi Szatmari, a new media artist, photographer, and designer passionate in exploring creative opportunities on the blockchain, and in bridging the web2/web3 world through curated NFT art projects.


While digital art offers increased accessibility to a global community of art lovers, curators, and collectors through the web, the primary challenge was finding an effective method of connecting with STUDIO LXR’s audience. Aniko wanted to presenting the selection of NFT in an exciting and engaging way that was differentiated from NFT marketplaces.

"The web3 space is still very experimental and fluid. I like being a participant and creator in this relatively early stage, and taking on an active role in shaping the web3 space both as an NFT artist and as a female web3 entrepreneur." "NFTs can be displayed at collectors' homes as digital displays or as prints, so I was looking for a way to help viewers visualize my digital images in a 3D space."

The MANIKO - KATALYST 1.0 exhibition was launched successfully. Aniko had the flexibility to present her NFTs to an international audience in a format that maximised on resonance and retention.

"The feedback was very positive and I got a number of new connections via the exhibit. I was really happy with the results and have now launched a new collection, the YEAR OF THE TIGER on Opensea."


STUDIO LXR selected the White Cube 3D space template and imported the artwork media into the 3D drag-and-drop editor to curate them in the space. Using the native product features, each item was added with titles, prices, descriptions and the unique Opensea URL so visitors could purchase the NFTs on the blockchain.

"Oarbt offered a way of displaying my work in a cool virtual 3D gallery environment and have the pieces link to my NFT marketplaces (Rarible, Opensea). Basically, with Oarbt I can sell my work directly from my gallery. I think it's brilliant and I'm sure that many more NFT and traditional artists will take advantage of this platform."

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