How JhennyArt Increased Engagement by 40% for an NFT art exhibition


JhennyArt is a London-based Ghanaian-born digital artist who creates visual art exploring the depiction of the human figure with prosthetic limbs. He first developed this artistic interest when 2018. In 2021, Joseph began to work within the NFT ecosystem to build on his interests in networks and creative marketing.


JhennyArt has been an active member of the NFT community since April 2021 and wanted to create interactive immersive experiences for his art. With the standardisation of profile pages for all artists in NFT marketplaces, JhennyArt wanted creative design tools to differentiate the curation of his NFT art.

"Selling digital art or NFT is challenging especially if you are not an established artist with a large following or you rely on social media algorithms to help promote and share your art. NFTs are traditionally viewed on 2D marketplace pages or on social media posts, with the same generic looks and feel as other art being sold on the platform."


The Planetary exhibition was launched in January 2021 and reached 40% more viewers with 65% increase in the retention rate. JhennyArt was able to present his collection of NFTs in a curated experience and understand their response using the smart data analytics available on his dashboard. With this insights, Joseph can continue to create new NFT collections that resonate with his audience.

"Oarbt has enabled me to achieve and learn a lot, for example since using Oarbt I have now began practicing and learning to design in 3D since their 3D remodelling feature was easy to use. I also used what I have learnt in 3D to customise the template a little bit more to help enhance the theme of the exhibition."


With the selection of free 3D space templates on Oarbt, JhennyArt was able to experiment with multiple ideas for his NFT art exhibition called Planetary. The 3D exhibition consisted of nine pieces highlighting themes of astrology, prosthetics, love, mediation and freedom, to mention a few.

Using the Onyx and Neo-Futuristic templates, he developed two alternate concepts for A/B testing to assess which version would be most effective. JhennyArt imported his images and videos into each space and curated each item’s placement. He added purchase details and action buttons using the unique NFT listing pages for each item so that viewers could buy each NFT on the blockchain.

"Oarbt helps me create expansive, engaging experiences for viewers to connect with my art. I can add music or an audio tour and import 3D objects into the 3D space to bring my creative vision to life. Having access to various templates makes it easy for me to have a quickstart to exploring different concepts."

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