How curator Jessica Longdon presented a 3D solo exhibition of NFTs by Ghanaian artist Isaac Opoku


Isaac Opoku [Afroscope] is an artist and designer from Tema, Ghana who makes art that is often rooted in a diversity of Afrikan world views and cosmogonies. The Yoruba concept of Ashè, the Nguni Bantu philosophy of Ubuntu and the Akan Adinkra symbology are some examples of his early, enduring influences. His work typically exudes strong surrealist leanings with afrofuturist undertones. Jessica Longdon is a multidisciplinary artist, curator, producer, practising DJ and founder of The Rogue Collection, a media platform and brand dedicated to amplifying emerging artists of African descent.


After relocating to Accra to develop her curatorial practice, Jessica wanted to launch an exhibition that presented the best of Ghana’s talents in art and technology. To do this, she needed a versatile software solution that enabled the seamless display of NFTs with an intuitive user experience.


The exhibition was launched in Feb 2022, reaching viewers around the world with the international audience from United Kingdom, United States, Ghana and Nigeria.


Curator Jessica Longdon explored the 3D templates and selected the Stone Wall 3D template for its rustic appeal. She imported the artwork media of Isaac Opoku’s NFTs into the 3D drag-and-drop editor to curate them in the space. Using the native product features, each item was added with titles, prices, descriptions and the unique Opensea URL so visitors could purchase the NFTs on the blockchain.

"Oarbt provides a means of exhibiting which is more accessible to both the organiser (curators, or artists themselves) and audiences looking to engage with their work. It cuts out a lot of the politics and logistics of organising a physical event, while also expanding reach beyond social circles or a geographic location."

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