How Alison Milne launched an art exhibition in a custom 3D replica of its existing physical gallery


Alison Milne Co. began as a showroom of great emerging local talent, alongside the studio of designer Alison Milne, who places an emphasis on fine art in her interiors. With this interdisciplinary approach, the showroom-cum-gallery has grown into a creative and welcoming space of art and design in its 12-year history. Alison Milne Co. has since garnered a reputation for fresh, forward-thinking exhibitions of all contemporary media, including painting, drawing, photography, mixed media, installation and sculpture. The gallery aims to cultivate the careers of emerging local talent, as well as expose the work of mid-career artists from both Canada and abroad to a burgeoning Toronto art market.


Toronto-based Alison Milne Co. wanted to present a curatorial project highlighting the work of Kriss Munsya to coincide with another project in Vancouver. However the dates didn’t correlate with the physical availability of the gallery space. Alison Milne Co. also wanted to keep the brand awareness of the space for their audience so they wanted a digital recreation of the gallery in 3D.


The Eraser was launched on Jan 14, 2021, reaching international viewers with 37.60% from United states, 14.32% from United Kingdom, 5.11% from Nigeria and 4.35% from Canada.

The gallery was able to minimise setup costs for the exhibition and focus on engaging art collectors who would be interested in the curatorial project. This approach means that Alison Milne can continue to try out new curatorial projects while managing its ongoing exhibition program. The exhibition was also featured in Aesthetica Magazine and on Creative Boom.


To enable Alison Milne to present an art exhibition in a 3D version of its physical space, we provided the bespoke services of creating a custom 3D space. We started by reviewing the floor plans and images of Alison Milne Co. to create a custom 3D model using Oarbt’s 3D builder toolkit. Alison Milne is also an interior design agency and the physical location represented their design ethos, so the physical gallery carried brand value for interior design clients who also purchased art from Alison Milne Co.

The Oarbt team worked with Alison Milne to recreate the location in 3D and curated the exhibition to fit the space. Once the 3D space was created and added the client account, it was ready to be used with the 3D drag-and-drop editor. Images of artist Kriss Munsya’s photography were imported into media library and arranged into the space to curate the art exhibition. Each artwork’s details - title, price, description - were added so that viewers could explore the show and inquire further for purchase.

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